All our Hair Extensions are ethically sourced

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Our Story

“We’re proud that the origin of every cuticle of Embrace hair is traceable. All our Hair Extensions are ethically sourced”

Embrace Hair UK is an internationally known hair extension company supplying 100% Virgin Hair throughout the United Kingdom, United States, Europe, Asia and Africa. At Embrace Hair UK, we set ourselves apart from the competition. We travel to Cambodia to ensure all the hair extensions are carefully selected to provide the best quality control. We are proud that the origin of every cuticle of Embrace hair is traceable. Unlike other hair companies we genuinely supply hair straight from Cambodia and ensure only the best donors are selected.

Hair sourced directly from Cambodia

Our 100% human hair is sourced directly from Cambodia.

We are devoted to providing the highest quality Virgin Hair extensions, specialising in 100% human hair. Guaranteeing origin, authenticity and ethnically, we set ourselves apart from the competition. Travelling to Cambodian to ensure all the hair extensions we use is sourced willingly and ethically. A fair payment is agreed with the seller, which in returns helps support the Cambodian community grow and develop.

Hair purification and quality control

The hair comes in its original virgin state, with no chemical treatments applied at any stage. The hair is collected through a method where all hair cuticles layers are facing the same direction from root tip. This allows the hair once applied, to fall and move in a natural manner. All hair collected go through a deep cleansing process, which focuses on removing any bacteria from the hair. After cleansing it is inspected many times to ensure the best possible quality control.

Cambodian hair in blonde and natural grey

Our Blonde coloured extension go through a gentle process which consists of slowly filtering the hair in a colour bath which removes pigment from the hair cuticles and gently replaces pigment removed with a new colour. The process ensures all our hair extensions are coloured gently without damaging the quality. We source real grey hair from bespoke Cambodian women who take pride in their hair and the quality. Our Natural Grey Cambodian Hair is actual real grey hair with no colour or chemicals applied at any stage.

Our Promise to you

At Embrace Hair UK, we believe our customers deserve the best. That’s why we provide only the highest quality Virgin hair, supplying it to salons around the UK so you can see and feel our extensions before you buy.

When you order with us, you'll receive hair care tips to ensure your extensions stay in beautiful condition. You're welcome to get in touch with us at any time. From start to finish, we want your Embrace Hair experience to be perfect.


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