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Where is the best Virgin hair from?

Cambodian hair is the best quality Virgin hair on the market. Virgin hair from Cambodia is silky, thick, and comes in straight, natural body wave, and curly. No matter which texture you prefer, make sure the company is selling authentic Virgin hair and offers you a replacement if the hair is defective. Embrace Hair UK prides itself on providing 100% Virgin human hair.

What is Cambodian hair?

Authentic Virgin Cambodian hair is sourced directly from Cambodia. It is very thick and dark and typically more expensive than other kinds on the market. Cambodian hair is straighter than Indian hair, which usually has a slight wave.

When you purchase authentic Virgin Cambodian hair, you should expect to pay premium prices. If you are buying hair described as Virgin Cambodian for a low price, it is unlikely to be authentic.

What is machine-wefted hair?

Machine-wefted hair is commonly known as a weave. The process involves the hair being stitched together using a sewing machine. Many different sewing methods can be used, but Embrace Hair UK uses the strongest method to ensure the highest quality and resistance to shedding.

What is the best way to buy authentic Virgin hair?

If you want to purchase authentic Virgin hair extensions, you should choose a company that can guarantee quality. They should be able to tell you exactly where the hair is from, and how it is processed. They should also provide you with advice on appropriate hair care and maintenance.

When you buy Virgin hair online, call the company and ask for proof of origin. Embrace Hair UK is happy to provide our customers with this information.

How does Embrace Hair UK source its hair?

We privately source our hair from villages throughout Cambodia, and not from China or Indian temples.

Are all the authentic Virgin hair extensions from Embrace Hair UK different?

All our hair pieces are different in style and texture. Our extensions are 100% human and naturally sourced, which means they come with slight variations in look and feel.

Why are fake Virgin hair extensions so silky and smooth when I first buy them?

Fake Virgin hair extensions feel silky because they are coated in silicone. This makes the hair very smooth and reduces tangling when you first use them. Once the silicone has washed off, the hair will dry out and lose its shine. After this, it will knot and tangle easily.

What is the difference between Remy hair and Virgin hair?

Remy hair and Virgin hair are similar as they are both cut in the same direction. However, Remy hair is processed in a way that damages the cuticles and increases tangling and shedding. By contrast, Virgin hair is left unprocessed. It is not chemically treated or manipulated. This leaves the cuticles damage-free and makes the extensions more long-lasting.

Virgin hair is never permed, bleached or coloured and should always come from a single donor. Taking the hair from one donor ensures that the hair falls in the same direction and appears natural.

Why can I buy cheaper Virgin hair bundles from other websites?

Unfortunately, there are few regulations surrounding the sale of Virgin hair. Because of this, many manufacturers advertise their hair with false labels. These extensions are cheap because they use poor-quality hair and harsh chemicals. Manufacturers may also blend synthetic fibres into the human hair, bulk out the bundles with short hairs, or provide smaller quantities of hair.

What are the best hair care products for authentic Virgin hair?

Use sulphate-free shampoos and conditioners and moisturise with argan oil. Steer clear of heavy oils as this makes the hair greasy.

How many bundles do I need for a full sew-in?

When purchasing 18-inch hair extensions, two or three bundles are typically needed for a full sew-in. More than three to four bundles are normally required for extensions longer than 22 inches.

If I straighten my extensions will they lose their curls permanently?

No, it is safe to straighten our curled or wavy extensions. All our hair extensions can easily be straightened, blow-dried and curled without losing their natural shape. To restore natural curls or waves, simply wash and dry the hair as instructed.

Can my Virgin hair extensions be coloured?

You should not attempt to colour the extensions yourself. If you want to colour your virgin hair extensions, it is strongly recommended that you take them into a professional hair salon. Be aware that bleaching or tinting may dry out and damage your extensions and change the quality and texture of the hair.

Can I swim while wearing my Virgin hair extensions?

Our hair extensions can be damaged by coming into contact with chlorine or salt water. If you wear your extensions while swimming, comb them and apply a protective leave-in conditioner beforehand. Shampoo and condition the hair thoroughly afterwards.

How long will my hair extensions last?

With the correct care and maintenance (see our Hair Care page) your extensions can be reused multiple times and should last for years.


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